October, 2021

05OctAll Day09Tour of WAA 5 day road adventure through the Avon Valley regionYorkState:WADiscipline:RoadTerrain:Mixed,UndulatingDistance:121-160 km,81-120 kmType Ride:Multi-day,Recreational

Ride Details

The Tour of WA is the chance to experience WA like never before!

The Tour of WA is a 5 day cycling adventure (organised by the Tour of Margaret River) through scenic south-west WA. This is the second time that this type of recreational cycling has occurred in WA. It is very similar in style to the annual Great Vic Bike Ride that is held in Victoria (with a new course each year). And even though it is held by the organisers of the Tour of Margaret River race, it is a ride (not a race).

The first version of Tour of WA was an experience the South West region of WA like never before. This is a six day adventure in the region of Margaret River and surrounding districts.

This year sees the version 2, move to the Avon Valley region, 100km east of Perth. You’ll be cycling through the agricultural back roads filled between the yellow flowers of the canola crop, traverse the banks of the Avon river and enter the native forests of the Julimar nature reserves. Based around the historic towns of York, Northam, Toodyay and Beverley which are 100 to 150 km East of Perth. The days may be for riding but the nights are for exploring the towns.

The main event is on the Saturday with the Avon Valley Gran Fondo. A tour of the major towns in the region following the banks of the Avon river.

The 5 days of the tour: 531km will be all series of loops into the surrounding country side of the days base town.

Day 1: IRISHTOWN: Northan – Toodyay – Northam: 96km with 840m elevation gain.

Day 2: TALBOT: York – Beverly – York: 104km with 940m elevation gain.

Day 3: JULIMAR: Toodyay – Bindoon- Toodyay: 106km with 1160m elevation gain.

Day 4: JELCOBINE: Berverly – Jelcobine – Beverly: 92km with 580m elevation gain.

Day 5: Avon Valley Gran Fondo: York – Northam – Toodyay- York: 133km with 680m elevation gain.

Day 6: BONUS: Recovery ride with the Crew: York – Start and Finish but is more of a mystery tour of some other local roads and tracks.

This is turning into a unique annual event that shouldn’t be missed!

You’ll find other cycling events, like the Tour of WA, in our online Cycling Event Calendar.


The Tour of WA is the chance to experience WA like never before!


5 October - 9 October

8 thoughts on “Tour of WA”

  1. Hi I can’t see to access the enrolment and I believe I could attend for a3 days rather than all. Really enjoyed the challenge of last year

  2. blank

    Hi Jon
    I am struggling to find details of the campsite and how to book in both the event and accommodation. It keeps saying ‘page not there’. Help!

    1. blank

      hi Tracey,
      The TOWA version 2 in the Avon Valley region is based around the towns of York, Northam, Toodyay and Beverley. the TOWA2 site does contain some camping ground information. please use http://tourofmargaretriver.com/towa2/ there are some camping site accommodation recommendations by the organisers. i have also updated the link on the Cycle down under page to this new link. hope this is helps, looking forward to riding the second version of this event. roll on, cheers Jon

    1. blank

      Hi Malcolm, If you’re on our newsletter list, you’ll get a reminder about this ride (I am hoping to attend it again, as it was great week).
      Cheers, Jon

    1. blank

      Hi David,
      In Short Yes, The Tour of WA organisers have set up accomodation with the local camping grounds in each town at the end of each day.
      If you have a tent or a swag then the campsites might be an option, book through the registration page $140 for 5 camps. The alternative is to have the ability to stay within each town, ie. pubs, hotels or airB’n’Bs, maybe an option.

      the Tour of WA is run through the Tour of Margaret River. check out their site Tour of WA site

      hope this helps?

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