October, 2021

24OctAll DayAmy's Gran FondoOne of Australia's most iconic charity ridesLorneState:VICDiscipline:Climb,family friendly,RoadTerrain:Mixed,Mountainous,UndulatingDistance:1-40 km,41-80 km,81-120 kmType Ride:Charity,Gran-fondo,Race,Recreational

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Amy’s Gran Fondo is your chance to take part in an iconic ride along the Great Ocean Road!

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo is an iconic Australian ride. Catering to cyclists of all abilities, the event is held on fully closed roads in one of the most picturesque destinations on the planet – the Great Ocean Road. Take the road with your fellow riders!

The weekend is full of events on both Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday consists of the criterium circuit along the main street and around the block. This is easy apart from the hill on Bay Street. It’s a real brute of a climb straight off the roundabout and is all up.

Then as dusk takes hold, the trials for Amy’s Wall takes place, traversing the steep hill (20%+ gradients) on iconic Bay Street. It is high energy entertainment with lights and a DJ to provide motivation up the climb. Enjoy, if you have spare energy. All good fun had before the main event on Sunday.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo is a UCI Gran Fondo World Championships qualifier and the 2021 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The road to the rainbow jersey begins here.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo can be done as a race or as a recreational rider. The route is still the same, with the UCI riders starting in age groups with the recreational riders splitting into approximate speeds.


The AGF Recreation 120km ride starts with a quick warm-up along the foreshore before leaving Lorne on the C151, which is a 10km climb straight away for +450m elevation gain through the eucalyptus forest. Enjoy as you try to draw back breaths. Settle into the slight undulations through to Deans Marsh and enjoy zipping past the many dairy farms until Forrest. Then the real work starts with the road that goes through to Apollo Bay. The only concern is the climb around Mt Sabine of the Otway ranges which is a nature lovers delight of temperate rain forest. Beware the descent down to the water’s edge where you turn for Lorne and along the Great Oceaen Road. Follow the coast line in and out of the bays with some undulations. This is riding Nirvana, with the ocean to the right and cliffs and hills to the left. Great riding. The stat’s are 120km with 1870m elevation gain and 3 water stops.

The 2019 event sees an additional 10km added to the course between Deans Marsh and Forrest. Although the course path towards Birregurra township has added to the overall kilometers covered, the elevation gained only varies from +1,870 m to +1,903 m in the change from the 2018 120km to the 2019 130km, showing a fast section.

Those wanting the less strenuous ride can take the Medio Fondo, which is 45km from Apollo Bay to Lorne (one way). This does include bus transfers before and after Lorne and Apollo Bay. The Family Fondo is 14km along the coastline from Lorne to the South and back.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo is held in Lorne which is near Apollo Bay, South of Melbourne (160km) and Geelong (70km along the GOR) in Victoria. It is easily accessible by car, train and bus from Melbourne.

The weekend raises money for the Amy Gillet Foundation to promote safer cycling in Australia.

You can expect a weekend of family-friendly activities that make the Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo not just an event, but an experience.

You’ll find other cycling events, like Amy’s Gran Fondo, in our online Cycling Event Calendar.


Amy’s Gran Fondo is your chance to take part in an iconic ride along the Great Ocean Road!


24 October - 24 October

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