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8 of the best Cycling Climbs Events in Australia

Here’s 8 events that have some of the best cycling climbs to be found in Australia. These rides are equal (if not better) than what you can find in Europe! They ar ebased on some beautiful  locatiosn and have some climbs to challenge the fittest rider! Alpine ClassicThe Alpine Classic is one of Australia’s toughest 1 […]

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The Best Australian Century Rides

There are some fantastic century rides in Australia, with over 60 on offer each year. You’ll find century bike rides of the Metric 100km or Imperial 100km mile. A century ride is very much like a gran fondo but the emphasis is on the distance, rather than scenery. Upcoming Century Rides You’ll find a list […]

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The Best Australian Charity Cycle Events

Charity cycling events are very popular in Austalia, with over 120 being held each year. You’ll find smaller rides that are fundraising for the local community. These are often linked to a festival, which is a great opportunity to get away for the weekend and to support small regional communities. You’ll also find larger rides […]

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The best multi day cycling events around Australia

Multi-day cycling events are becoming very popular in Australia, with over 70 on offer each year. Long bike trips are a great way to explore the countryside, especially when riding with like-minded souls! You’ll find a range of different multi-day rides listed, ranging from 2 to 30 days, for riders of different fitness levels. Which […]

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The Best Australian Gran Fondo Events

Gran Fondos have become very popular in Australia, with more of them being held each year. So what is a Gran Fondo? Simply, it is an Italian word for a great ride! They are usually a mass-participation cycling event where you’ll usually ride over 100 km that day. The emphasis is on camaraderie, spectacular scenery […]

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Family-Friendly Cycling Events Around Australia

There are some fantastic family cycling events around Australia that are suitable for the whole family. Finding a bike event that keeps everyone happy can be tricky, so you’ll find over 50 bike events listed that are suitable for kids to attend of all ages (and ability) to attend. To help you within selecting the […]

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