Tasmania Bike for Bibles

February, 2019

08FebAll Day22Tasmania Bike for BiblesA 2 week ride through stunning countrysideLauncestonState:TASDiscipline:RoadTerrain:Mixed,Mountainous,UndulatingDistance:121-160 km,160+ km,81-120 kmType Ride:Charity,Multi-day,Recreational

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Ride Details

Tasmania Bike for Bibles is a 2 week challenge to ride the full Island of Tasmania.

The Tasmania Bike for Bibles is a challenging two week charity ride over multiple days travelling throughout the length and breadth of Tasmania. The total ride distance is approximately 1360 km, so make sure that you have some proper training and preparation for this ride. This ride sounds fantastic and would be a great way to see Tasmania by bike.

The riders start by meeting in Launceston and are then bussed out to the start location of Riverbend south of Smithton on the Northwest corner of Tasmania.

On to the riding. On most of the days, there are a couple of ride options; a flat option or a hilly option. Being held in Tasmania there is no shortage of undulations so it is quite easy to take to the Hills.

Day 1. Starts from River Bend through to the west coast town of Marrawah and return.  Choose from 100 ks or 160 km, with the longer option via Coota Rocks and Arthur River.

Day 2. Riverbend to Burnie which is about 100 km, a stage of undulating countryside along the coastline.

Day 3. Burnie through to Launceston. This is around 150 km  along the coastline then deviating think they go through Devonport.

Day 4. Launceston to St Helens is a day where you where you have two options.  Via Fingal Valley which is relatively flat or via Scottsdale which is the hilly option. Both rides finish at St Helens, and are roughly the same distance of 160 km. 

Day 5. Rest day at St Helens.

Day 6. St Helens to Swansea, which is this is 120 km ride down the coastline.

Day 7. Swansea through to Hobart, this is a 145km ride heading south down the coastline but again you can expect some good undulations on the way through Hobart before reaching Mount Wellington.

Day 8. Rest day at Hobart. Option of trying to take the KOM on Mount Wellington or not.

Day 9. Hobart to Bronte Park. This is a 170 km day, requiring a fair bit of climbing as you head north west back into the heart of Tasmania.

Day 10. Bronte Park to Strahan on the West Coast of Tasmania, a bumpy 145 km.

Day 11. Strahan to Cradle Mountain. This is an uphill day. All up, 125 km up to the town side of Cradle Mountain on the edge of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park.

Day 12. Rest day at Cradle Mountain.  A great way to explore the local area.

Day 13. A dash from Cradle Mountain to Launceston of 165 km. This returns you back to the start location where the ride finishes. Time for a quick celebration and dinner before making plans for the next day’s travel by flying out from Launceston for those living on the mainland.

Day 14. Everyone goes home to recover!

The Tasmania Bike for Bibles is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and to fundraise for the Bible Society. It’s a ride that requires ‘mind over matter’ thanks to the long distances, multiple days and hills to climb! It looks like a fantastic way to spend a 2 week holiday!

You don’t have to do the full 2 weeks of this ride. If you only wish to ride for a few days, you can but you must join at the start of the ride, not part way through.

The Bible Society is raising money to support women with literacy in some of the impoverished countries in the world.

The weather in Tasmania can be interesting as it is cooler than the mainland of Australia. So expect it to be more like New Zealand, with temperatures ranging around the single figures and 10 minimum and then raging into the mid to high 20s. 

As this tour travels all over Tasmania, the weather conditions can be quite unpredictable and will change dramatically from day to day. On some days, the western side of the island may be a bit more damp, so expect some days to be foggy or a little bit of rain.  Whereas the days you head up into Cradle Mountain, expect to have some of your layers on. With temperatures ranging in the low single figures of say 5 even and then up to mid-teens to even 20 degrees. It has been known to have a few days of rain and potentially you could even see snow. The Eastern side of Tasmania is in the Leeward side of the weather, which means you get the best of the weather. It’s dryer and more temperate, so expect her temperatures between 10 through to 25 getting up to possibly 30.

If you’re travelling from the mainland, you can fly directly to Launceston with non-stop flights from some capital cities mainly Melbourne Sydney and possibly Brisbane.

You could always take the overnight ferry to between Melbourne to Davenport, and then take an hour along ride in a car or between Devonport and Launceston or alternatively travel from Hobart which is a 2 1/2 hour drive or 200 km between the two centres.

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Tasmania Bike for Bibles is a 2 week challenge to ride the full Island of Tasmania.


8 February - 22 February


Launceston, TAS


Extra Information

  • Minimum of least 15 riders
  • 3 support vehicles
  • Fundraising required of $2,000