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12MarAll Day14Life Cycle for Canteen On-RoadA 3 day tour thru scenic south-west WAPerthState:WADiscipline:RoadTerrain:Flat,Mixed,UndulatingDistance:121-160 km,81-120 kmType Ride:Charity,Multi-day,Recreational

Ride Details

Life Cycle for CanTeen is an on road 3 day charity ride to the beautiful south west region of West Australia.

The Life Cycle for CanTeen is a three day on road charity ride that raises funds for the youth cancer charity, CanTeen, which supports young people living with cancer. The on road version is celebrating it’s 20th ride this year with 135 riders and 45 support crew. There is also an offroad ride, Life Cycle for Canteen Off-Road.

The ride starts in the Riverside suburb of  Bassendean, 15 km from the Perth CBD and 10km from the Airport.  And finishes at Busselton, a seaside town approximately 230km south of Perth.

The route for the Life Cycle for CanTeen on road ride is from Bassendean through to Busselton over three days.

Riders will be split up into 5 groups based on approximate riding ability. The minimum ride distance is 270km and up to 415km for the faster groups.

  • Brown: able to maintain an average of 30kph all day (hills included in route)
  • Yellow: able to maintain an average of 27kph all day (hills included in route)
  • Orange: able to maintain an average of 25kph all day (some hills)
  • Blue: able to maintain an average of 23kph all day (few hills)
  • Green: able to maintain an average of 20kph all day (few hills)

The ride starts by travelling on the flat and slight undulations through the suburbs of Perth to then overnight in Pinjarra. You can expect to ride about 100km to 175km depending upon the group you are in. Day 2 you’ll be continuing from Pinjarra to Brunswick Junction near Bunbury on the South-West Highway. Those on the faster groups can expect to detour via Dwellingup, which is a good climb into the escarpment of the hills that run parallel to the coastline. Expect some afternoon activities in Brunswick eg swim, lawn bowls, some functions and a silent auction.

The final day is from Brunswick to Busselton on relatively flat roads and a very scenic ride through the Tuart Forest along the coast into town. Those who are still eager to turn their pedals will detour via the undulations near Donnybrook, before returning back to Busselton. You’ll then be coaching back to Perth with trailers to hold all your gear.

You will need a mattress and sleeping bag, with the option of sleeping indoors or out.

The Life Cycle for CanTeen Onroad ride sounds like a fantastic tour into parts of WA that are not normally travelled by bike.  You’ll also be helping raise money for a good cause, by helping children recovering from Cancer and aiding their treatment.

Registration is limited to the first 135 riders, and there is a waitlist. Make sure you do put your name on the waitlist if you are too late to register. I’ll be attending this ride in 2019 thanks to the waitlist! There are some pre-event rides to meet up with fellow riders based around Perth and suburbs.

You’ll find other great rides, like the Life Cycle for CanTeen Onroad, in our online Cycling Event Calendar.


Life Cycle for CanTeen is an on road 3 day charity ride to the beautiful south-west region of West Australia.


12 March - 14 March


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  1. what a great event, just completed the 2019 20th anniversary event. Great event.

    This is one of those multi day rides that is a joy to be a part of. The riding is set up for the riders with different abilities to choose a group that suits. Each days riding involved traveling on roads less traveled with a lot of time for snack stops and lunches. At the end of the day, set up your camp site and roll out the swag or tent. for me it was a swag. This is intended to help reduce the cost of registration.

    This is the event you want to keep coming back to. Hence why out of the 20 event having been conducted, a large number of riders have done 10 or more rides.

    day one:
    day two:
    day three:

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