December, 2021

19DecAll DayBuderim 9 ChallengeThe Sunshine Coast's toughest ride for cyclistsBuderimState:QLDDiscipline:RoadTerrain:UndulatingDistance:41-80 kmType Ride:Charity,Recreational

Ride Details

Buderim 9 Challenge is a challenging ride in the Sunshine Coast for cyclists who like to climb!

If you’re looking for a good challenge, the Buderim 9 Challenge could be just what you’re looking for!

This ride is a combination of 9 local hills around the Buderim area on the Sunshine Coast. Oh, and there is a time limit of three hours to complete the 76km event, which makes this a true challenge!

The Buderim 9 Challenge is a charity ride, which raises money to help the Cerebral Palsy League support Queenslanders with cerebral palsy and related physical disabilities.

So what can you expect from this ride!

The first hill is Dixon Road, a popular training ground for the locals. It’s a gradual climb that sucks you in as it goes up, 94m gain over  1.6km.

The second hill is Cogill Road, which is short and sharp with a real pinch of 20+%, 124m gain over the 1.5km.

The third hill is Ballinger Road, ah, in anguish or relief, 113m gain in 1.0 km with max at 18%.

The fourth hill is Crosby Hill Road, (I’ve never liked a road with the word ‘hill’ in its name), average 10% over 1.5km, steady and then some more.

The fifth hill is Glenmount Road, 155m gain over 1.1km.  The other word I don’t like to see in a road name is ‘mount’, however after this, it is effectively all downhill, with more than half of the event being done.

The sixth hill, which is the longest climb of the day, is Mons Road, a real mixed bag with the steep roller coaster in the middle that max’s out at 20+% for a total gain of 154m over the 3.6km’s.

The seventh hill is Lindsay Road, which has three pinches with a scary 21.9% max over the 2.2km’s for 137m.

With the eighth hill on Jones Road, it is almost time to head for home. This one starts steady and then ramps up, still with some more work to do for the 127m over the 1.5km’s.

Then on to the final ninth hill, the majestic Mooloolaba Road, for a simple 69m over the  1.3km.

Now you can head for home and enjoy the banter and some stories to talk about over a coffee or your prefered brew (tea, I mean). This is not an easy ride.

The Buderim 9 Challenge starts early ie 5 am, with the ride finished by 8am. Which gives you the rest of the day to recover.

This sounds like a great excuse for a weekend away in a beautiful part of Australia. And is a great challenge to meet!

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Buderim 9 Challenge is a challenging ride in the Sunshine Coast for cyclists who like to climb!


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